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Doughnuts with a difference

Appeal to your customers’ sweet tooth with a choice of churros from American and Tex-Mex food specialist, Funnybones Foodservice.

Deep fried Mexican-style doughnuts, churros are popular with adults and children and are a great choice for those looking to tap in to the growing street food trend.

These ‘loop style’ churros are available in a raw batter format, which can be deep fried in around 4-6 minutes, and a pre-cooked version which simply requires reheating in an oven for approximately six minutes,  or can be grilled or fried. Either way, they are perfect for quick serve outlets with high turn-around or those looking for desserts that can be prepared quickly with minimum fuss.

Serve with a sprinkling of granulated sugar or ground cinnamon and dipping sauce such as dulce de leche, chocolate fudge or fruit coulis.
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