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Get a grip with new cup carrier

A brilliant yet blindingly simple solution to carrying takeaway beverages when customers hands are full is now available from Tri-Star Packaging.

The Handle-it cup consists of a fully pivotable handle attached to a tapered section that fits snugly around the circumference of a cup, making it possible to carry it with just one finger.

Made from 100% recyclable, wet-strength kraftboard and available in a range of designs and sizes, Handle-it suits all type of take-out beverage, including tea, coffee, juice, milkshake and even beer. It is also re-usable, and folds completely flat before use, so requires very little storage space.

The carrier can be customised to enhance the marketing clout of a business or event, and can also be printed for use as a loyalty card to encourage re-use of the cup holder and repeat visits and purchases.

Ideal for event catering as well as takeaways, its compact design means it is easier and more efficient to collect up afterwards, filling far fewer black sacks than pulp trays.

Kevin Curran, managing director of Tri-Star, said: “It’s been a while since I’ve got quite as excited about an innovation as I am about Handle-it. Its simplicity is astounding and yet it provides an incredibly effective solution to the age-old problem of never having enough hands free to carry everything you need to.  You can easily carry four cups in one hand with Handle-it."

He continued: “For café operators and event organisers Handle-it is a good alternative to a tray for those times when a customer’s hands are really, really full, or when they haven’t ordered enough drinks to fill a tray to capacity. An empty space on a tray is a waste, and waste costs businesses money. Handle-it addresses this directly without inconveniencing the customer in any way.”
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