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Microfibre wipe outshines the competition

A new kitchen wipe has been launched by Chicopee Europe which it claims offers fast, hygienic cleaning and value for money.

Composed of 100% microfibre, DuraDry doesn’t leave anything behind while its splittable fibre construction gives more surface area with which to clean.

Featuring antibacterial properties, the wipe restricts bacterial growth to fulfil HACCP standards for safe cleaning. What’s more, with Food Contact Clearance from a leading German test institute, it is deemed safe to use in all food preparation areas and will not transfer contaminants, even when it comes in direct or indirect contact with food.

Offering a ‘Dry-at-once’ streak-free clean, the wipe is perfectly suited for use on stainless-steel, glass or mirrors and, unlike other cloths, guarantees a quick drying function even when used wet.

DuraDry can be washed up to 365 times and still retains its cleaning capabilities and hygienic performance. Because of this, its cost-in-use is said to be significantly lower than other wipes.
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