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Reduce fish spoilage with new refrigerated drawers

Adande Refrigeration
has developed a refrigerated drawer system which it claims can reduce fish spoilage by a quarter.

Featuring insulated drawers and a modified air flow pattern, temperatures remain stable while humidity is improved no matter how frequently the drawers are opened. This helps maintain perishable food at optimum quality over extended periods, reducing spoilage and wastage by up to 25% when compared to alternative refrigeration.

The Adande units also claim to lower the risk of bacterial contamination and boast energy savings of up to 60% compared with upright and other under counter refrigeration equipment.

The drawers can be built into counter units to provide bulk cold storage at the point of food preparation or service, eliminating the need for operators to leave their workstation to fetch stock, thereby improving kitchen efficiency. What’s more, high efficiency panel insulation allows cooking equipment to be mounted on the units, creating space saving, self contained food service stations.

One, two or three drawer modules are available all of which require only a 13 Amp power supply. The temperature of each drawer can be regulated through a range from -22 to +15°C, at 0.1°C increments to provide the capacity for chilled or frozen food.

A range of of GN pans, racks, wire baskets and drawer dividers are available as well as a variety of accessories, enabling friers to customise the drawer systems.
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