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Dispenser reduces napkin usage by 25%

SCA Hygiene Products has launched a new countertop mini napkin dispenser which promises to save operators money by cutting down on napkin usage and labour costs involved in constant refilling.

Aimed at establishments where a smaller napkin is enough, Tork Xpressnap Snack reduces napkin usage by at least 25% via a ‘one at a time’ mechanism.  And the same clever device also means that they deliver environmental benefits as reduced napkin use means less waste.

The dispensers have also been designed to prevent contamination of the remaining napkins, delivering a more hygienic service as customers only touch the napkin they use.

Fitted with a red refill indicator making it easy to see when they need refilling, they are made from a durable plastic and have inbuilt  'Ad-a-glance' panels which offer opportunities for promotions and short term offers.

The units are available in a range of colours and can dispense a variety of qualities of napkins from the Tork Interfold Napkin range.
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