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Frymax produces sustainability poster

Frymax, the all vegetable frying medium, has launched a poster to help fish and chip shops communicate to their customers that they using an oil from certified sustainable sources.

The full colour A3 size poster features the trademark of the RSPO and confirms that the oil is fully sustainable and  has been certified to come from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm (RSPO) certified production units.

Kerry Primarolo, technical account manager for Frymax, comments: “ The public is showing increasing concern about protecting the environment and it can only be good for fish and chip shop owners who are using sustainable products to advise their customers of this. It is  a positive and relevant message to put into the public domain.”

The poster coincides with Frymax celebrating 60 years serving the fish and chip trade.

The brand, which was originally owned by Peerless, became part of the Pura Foods range in the 1980s. It is currently owned by Olenex but continues to be produced at the Pura Foods plant at Purfleet in Essex.

Frymax is produced using the finest refined and deodorised oils. The raw material is subject to a series of strict analytical tests ensuring that it is of the highest quality and adheres to tight specifications. It is refined before being tested again prior to being batch processed and packed under specific conditions specially established for Frymax. The aim is to ensure that users receive the finest quality product available.

To obtain your poster, please call 0771 4335464 or e-mail by clicking here.