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Make way for new Country Choice Sub

A hot and filling savoury snack that’s less than 350 calories has been rolled out by Country Choice.

Sub 350, a generously filled sub roll, comes in six flavours and is delivered frozen, ready to bake and serve in just 15 to 20 minutes.  Six varities are available including Bombay Vegetable – a vegetarian curry mix of vegetables and onion in a spicy tikka sauce; Chicken Fajita – diced chicken breast, red pepper and onion in a sauce of jalapeno chillies, double cream and fajita spices; and Fiery Cheese – a vegetarian combination of potato and onion in a sauce of Cheddar, Mozzarella and Red Leicester cheese with jalapeno chillies and Tabasco sauce.

Three further flavours complete the range: Chicken & Chorizo, Beef & Onion and Simply Sausage,

The 140g Sub 350’s are packed 30 to a case with a unit price of 83.3p and an RRP of £1.59. After baking they can be displayed for up to four hours in the hot cabinet, using packaging and stickers included in each case.

Country Choice can also supply branded hot display equipment including counter top units holding 12 subs and Hot Spot displays holding up to 40. A Hot Tower unit can display up to 80 Sub 350’s for high turnover outlets.
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