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Pep up your menu with Redpepajam

Liven up your menu with the tantalising and unique flavour of Redpepajam. 

Part of the Rio Pacific range from Funnybones Foodservice, Redpepajam is a sweet, sour and mildly spiced jam made with red peppers that works well as a dip, sauce or glaze.

Complementing starters such as tempura prawns or stuffed jalapenos, as well as sides like onion rings or breaded mozzarella sticks, it can also be used to add heat to sharing platters, wraps and sandwiches. Likewise, Redpepajam lends itself well as a glaze with a range of meat such as chicken and ribs.

Available in cases of 1×2×2.5kg pack size, Redpepajam will last 28 days after opening if kept refrigerated. 
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