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New dogs on the block

Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs
has launched a mini eat called the Dinky Dog.

The 10cm all-pork frankfurters are supplied chilled and with a bun that has been specifically designed to fit.

Available in Smoky Bacon, Roasted Onion and Leek, and Chilli Cheese varieties, they are made from coarse-ground meat for a firmer texture and superior flavour, and  a natural skin casing.

Making a perfect addition to a kids menu, they also make great snacking items and sharing platters.

Nick Pagett, business development director at Mom’s Fabulous Foods, comments: “Research from Horizons revealed hot dogs with a gourmet twist were featured on 85% more menus than they were the previous year.

“We have seen evidence of this in the growth of our sales over the last twelve months and feedback from our customers tells us that they are realising the benefits of serving a top notch hot dog; it is for this reason that we have now extended our range to include the Dinky Dog.”

Dinky Dogs are available in vacuum pouches with 10 to a pack and six packs to a case.
Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs 0845 548 2100