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Teapod says goodbye to old bags

An alternative to the messy tea bag has been launched by Bistrotea.

Called TeaPod, it is a single use, high-tech tea diffuser with a unique filtration system that produces a richly flavoured and fragrant cup of tea.

Unlike a tea bag, the TeaPod requires no squeezing or wringing to extract the flavour, so no more burnt fingers. Its innovative design also eliminates the need for a teaspoon as it can be used to stir the tea. Plus, it does not drip tea when you remove it from the cup, so no more mess!

Simply put the TeaPod in a cup, add boiling water and stir the TeaPod for a few minutes. Let it stand for a minute to further infuse then stir in sugar and milk if required. Used TeaPods can be recycled after use.

TeaPods are available in packs of 16 and 32 and in twelve different blends including English breakfast – earl grey, green tea and peppermint. Each TeaPod is packed at point of origin using premium grade, organic tea leaves, harvested, selected and processed in Sri Lanka on Fairtrade estates.
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