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Free sustainable sourcing sticker from Collins

Collins Seafoods
, a leading supplier of frozen at sea fish, has launched a window sticker to help fish and chip shops demonstrate to customers their commitment to sustainable sourcing.

The blue and white logo reads 'Quality Sustainable Fishing' and is available free to customers of Collins Seafood.

Richard Collins, MD at Collins Seafood, comments: “Unless each shop has a completed chain of custody, which most do not, they are not allowed to use the MSC logo to demonstrate their fish traceability.

“At Collins we thought creating a simple logo for shops to add to their windows would help maintain the profile of using sustainable stocks.

“We are planning to issue window stickers to all our customers to display as part of our ongoing campaign to keep the sustainability message at the heart of the fishing industry.”

Collins holds the MSC Chain of Custody certification which is an identification, control and traceability program to ensure that products labelled or marketed as MSC-certified, originated from a genuine MSC-certified fishery.

This certification verifies that there are processes in place to trace, control, manage and segregate MSC-certified products and this is carried out by way of an audit process, followed by continual surveillance audits.