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Find ‘The One’ with Aviko

As the UK gears up for its annual celebration of love today, potato products supplier Aviko has launched a new match-making tool to help chippies find the perfect fries for their business.

The new interactive infographic on Aviko’s website at offers a new way for shops to find the right fry or fries for their menu.

With a host of cut sizes, coatings and varieties available, the infographic is said to cut through the confusion to make choosing the perfect fry simple. Whether friers are looking for something special to justify a premium price point, or just better plate fill or holding time, even something fun for kids’ menus, Aviko can help guide them in the right direction.

Mohammed Essa, general manager UK and Ireland, Aviko, commented: “Aviko is committed to making it as easy as possible for our customers to make the most of their fry offer. Britain’s ongoing love affair with fries has spawned a huge variety of cuts, shapes, sizes, and textures and our new infographic will steer caterers through our wide range to find the right one for the task in hand.”