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Hudson’s all-day hot dog/burger concept

Country Choice
has introduced a new hot dog and burger concept, which allows friers to maximise sales from morning through to night.

Hudson’s offers a number of products including an extra-large, 100% British Pork breakfast sausage, a classic, Beechwood-smoked Bockwurst hot dog containing 87% pork, as well as a flame grilled quarter-pound burger. The items are said to generate margins of over 50%.

“The traditional market for hot dogs starts at around 11am but our research has shown that there is a huge untapped opportunity for a breakfast offering too,” says Rebecca Whitmore, senior marketing manager at Country Choice. “This seems to be backed up by a recent Mintel report which identified that around 1 in 6 adults eat breakfast out of home at least twice a week and 1 in 3 around once a month.”

As well as hot dogs and burgers, Hudson’s comes with a branded countertop display unit which includes a reversible header board, enabling friers to promote the breakfast sausage in the morning and the hot dog/burger option later in the day.

To complete the offering there is a range of sauces, pre-sliced, pre-fried onions, hot dog trays, burger wraps and napkins.
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