Donatello pizza oven offers speed and efficiency

The new ‘Donatello’ pizza oven from Cuppone combines energy efficiency and speed of cooking, making it ideal for fast food takeaways and restaurants.

Cooking pizzas in just 3-6 minutes, the oven includes differentiated top and bottom heating elements and a stone-cooking base to guarantee authentic Italian cooking. Meanwhile, a new Heat Generation System designed to restrict heat loss and energy enables quick recovery times whilst opening and closing the oven – a feature that is ideal for busy kitchens.

A new digital control system has the ability to individually set the temperature of the chamber and the power of the two heating elements with a pre-programmable feature. This ensures total control of the oven and guarantees it runs to its maximum energy efficiency capacity.

Donatello, available from Linda Lewis Kitchens, comes in four deck sizes that can be stacked on top of each other to save space. A stainless steel extraction hood and stand are also available as optional extras.
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