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Free POS kits to help reduce salt intake

LoSalt is encouraging chip shops to ‘GoLo’ after research revealed that 45% of people are concerned about the level of salt in takeaway food.

The research, carried out by LoSalt, also states that 64% of consumers would like to be offered healthier options when eating out.

In response to the findings, the company is offering 1,000 free point of sales kits which include a free 3kg drum of LoSalt for chip shops to trial.

The kits are worth over £20 each and include posters, wobblers, badges, branded salt shakers as well as boxes containing free LoSalt samples for chip shops to put on the counter for customers to take home with them. 

What’s more, all participating chip shops will be featured on a new microsite and will be promoted to the media.

LoSalt provides the same salty taste as regular salt but contains 66% less sodium. Sodium in salt in one of the leading contributors of heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes in the UK, yet UK consumers are taking in more than the recommended 6g a day.

Independent tests showed that chip shop customers cannot tell the difference between LoSalt and regular salt.

Caroline Klinge, marketing and sales manager at LoSalt, said: “With customers increasingly looking for healthier options, the GoLo campaign offers chip shops an easy way to help their customers reduce their sodium intake – without sacrificing that all important flavour.”

There are 1,000 GoLo kits up for grabs, simply register at  or contact Edie Methven at Ceres on 01189 475956. Alternatively, you can e-mail your request by clicking here