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Packaging highlights New Britain story

New Britain Oils
has redesigned the packaging of its Finest Frying Oil to include details of its unique supply chain.

Having successfully established itself over the past 12 months  as a long lasting, non-hydrogenated, frying oil offering superior performance at low cost, it was decided to highlight details to customers of how and where its sustainable palm oil is sourced.

Daniel Roberts, sales manager for New Britain Oils, comments: “Because we source our oil directly from our own plantations, we cut out the middlemen that would otherwise add cost, allowing us to pass on savings directly to our customers.

“It is as a direct result of our highly efficient and fully traceable supply chain that we are able offer the same quality and performance normally only associated with much more expensive products at a highly competitive price.”

New Britain Oils Finest Frying Oil is available in 12.5kg blocks.
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