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Greenlandic prawns get the gourmet treatment

Seafood supplier Royal Greenland has launched Greenlandic Gourmet Prawns in a new, reduced salt recipe brine.

Wild caught and processed in a MSC certified inshore fishery, the prawns are produced using a combination of traditional hand-crafted methods and advanced technologies, which alllow for the prawns to be kept in tact and to retain as much of their sweet, delicate taste as possible.

In order to preserve the prawns, Royal Greenland has developed a new brine recipe which has a lower amount of salt (1.4%) compared to the industry standard (2.6%). This not only provides a healthier product, but gives a milder taste, allowing the sweet flavour of the Greenlandic prawns to be tasted.

They are available in a convenient 900g (drained weight) re-sealable tub. After draining, the prawns are ready to eat. 

Ole Kragh Malle, senior projects manager at Royal Greenland, comments: “By creating this new luxury, healthier product we are leading the industry, creating interest and providing foodservice operators with a convenient product to work with.”

Greenlandic prawns grow slowly in the icy cold waters off the coast of Greenland which allows their sweet and delicate flavor and firm texture to develop. 
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