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Conditioning device reduces oil absorption by 40%

A new piece of kit has been launched which claims to
 cut the amount of oil fried food absorbs as well reduce cooking times, energy consumption and environmental waste.

Called OiLChef, the device sits between the gas burners on a frying range and uses nanotechnology to condition the oil. 

Tests have shown that food fried in oil which has been conditioned by OiLChef absorbs between 22% and 41% less oil. Chips in particular showed a reduction of around 35%. Less oil absorbed by the finished cooked product reduces the trans fats, cholesterols and carcinogenic properties created in cooking oil and, as a result, leads to a reduction in the calorific property of the served food.

What's more, the device extends the usable life of cooking oil by on average 50% and in some case up to 300%, not only resulting in cost savings in terms of oil, but also labour savings as less oil changes are required. Cooking times can also be reduced by 20 seconds and the temperature by around 15 degrees which, in turn, lowers energy consumption. 

OiLChef has already proved a success in Canada, where it is installed at ‘Brit N’Chips, two fish and chip shops in Montreal. After a three month trial, its results revealed battered fish cooked quicker, was tastier, and retained less oil while its chips were crispier, less oily and cooked quicker. In each circumstance the restaurants were able to reduce cooking temperature by 20 degrees and increase oil life by at least 66%.

The device costs £699 but readers can get an exclusive 20% introductory discount valid until January 31st 2014.