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A clean shop not only creates a better and safer environment in which to work, but it also ensures customers are happy too, says Calum Richardson

Cleaning is something most people hate and put off, but I was taught in The Navy that a clean ship is a happy ship (I won't say what else I learnt).

Customers buy with their eyes so show them you care not only about producing outstanding fish and chips, but the whole package and that you don’t hide anything. When they see a clean shop it creates a talking point on a positive level. No one wants to go in to a shop that looks like it has not been cleaned or cared for as it automatically puts doubt in the customer’s mind that the product is not going to be safe and that the owner cares only about money.

But there’s another side to cleaning that you should think about and that’s the impact of the chemicals you use – what you pour down the sink affects the fish you buy, for example. And what you spray on to surfaces affects you and your staff’s health.

I have been using a cleaning system that ticks all these boxes for two years now and I would not change it for the world. ENJO cleaning comprises Austrian technology fibres and cold water; no chemicals or hard work is involved. I admit it takes a little while to get your head round, but after a 'try before you buy' offer I was hooked like a well caught fish.

Different fibres for different jobs, all colour-coded, make it easy to use just like colour-coded chopping boards and knives.

All that is involved is spraying water onto the fibre glove or surface, then a few circular motions to pick up the bacteria, before drying off with a second cloth to eliminate breading grounds for the bacteria. It’s honestly as easy as that, and it cleans six times more than leading cleaners – fact. When I had my surfaces swabbed to prove this I was gobsmacked.

Not only does this system clean better, but it's safer for staff to use and there’s no COSHH to worry about as it's only water. OK, you may say if it's not used properly is it dangerous, but not as much as spraying a chemical on to a surface and not cleaning it up properly. I can clean my food cabinet while the shop is open or clean areas with food on them as there are no particles in the air like there are with chemical cleaners.

It’s also saving me around £2,000 a year on product as it's only water and fibres I’m using. I only need to do one wash a day, not three, and the cloths dry on a hanger rather than in the tumble dryer.

If, after reading this, you’re still in doubt or want a sample sent out, give me a shout. Don't be cheap for the wrong reasons, leave that to the budgies.

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