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Hot chili sauces raise the temperature

The weather may be turning a little chilly but things are hotting up at Atlantic Foods with the launch of a range of super hot sauces.

The new Chipotle, Habanero and Jalapeno sauces meet the increasing demand for all things hot, adding a chili kick to chicken wings, burgers and seafood. Chipotle brings a distinct smoky flavour, Habanero a fruity heat, while Jalapeno offers a zesty zing. All three can be used as a glaze to liven up chicken and beef, as a dip to give a pop to finger foods, or mixed with mayo for a spicy seafood cocktail base.

What’s more, to add a fiery flavor to the company’s smoky BBQ hot dog sausages, is new Mustard Mayo and Apple BBQ sauce.
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