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Table management system helps tackle busy periods

iZone Tables is a new EPOS integrated table management solution that promises to transform the way operators handle wait times, meal stages and table-turn times.

Developed by EPOS supplier Zonal, iZone Tables can manage online, telephone and walk-in reservations, giving staff complete control and visibility of the dining process from sit-down to payment.

Full EPOS integration means that table usage can be updated on the till or in the iZone Tables application, with meal stages flowing through from the tills or the kitchen management system. It means there is no need to update tables in more than one place as all data is automatically synchronised which saves time and avoids confusion.

A useful feature for diners is the notification by SMS when their table is ready, which means they no longer have to wait around to be told by a member of staff.  

Multiple operators, meanwhile, can enjoy the added benefit of a database which is shared across all outlets, so staff know about a customer’s profile even if they have never visited that particular venue before – enabling them to give a better, more personal service.

iZone Tables is accessible on tablets and some mobile devices allowing different staff to update table status on the move. The system also means the spending patterns of individual diners will be retained on the till enabling outlets to tailor their marketing activity.
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