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Middleton's gluten free batter features Crossed Grain symbol

Middleton’s Gluten Free Fish Batter Mix now features Coeliac UK's Crossed Grain symbol making it instantly recognisable to friers that it is safe for customers diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Middleton’s Gluten free fish batter mix is made to a secret recipe at a gluten free site, using Doves Farm gluten free flour. This ensures that the batter mix remains completely gluten free.

As well as adding the distinctive logo to its packaging, Middleton Foods has also created a leaflet to help friers produce gluten free fish and chips and to understand their obligations when catering for customers diagnosed with coeliac disease. For example, it states that separate oil must be used for cooking gluten free battered fish and separate tongs used for serving to avoid cross-contamination.

Sales manager Ryan Baker comments: "We are delighted with the new packaging and leaflets to promote our Gluten Free Fish Batter and we are planning a poster to help fish and chip shops promote their gluten free offering very soon."

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