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Frymax launches longer-lasting liquid oil

Frymax, one of the leading solid all vegetable frying mediums, has launched a specially blended liquid vegetable oil product for the rapeseed user which lasts up to 50% longer than extended life rapeseed oil.

Called Liquid Frymax, the new frying medium is said to be specially formulated by selecting oils that meet the company's demanding specifications, which ensures that high standards of quality and consistency are maintained.

Available in 2 × 10 litre bottles, the packaging makes lifting and pouring easy while empty bottles can simply be recycled.

It has taken 12 months to bring Liquid Frymax to market and has involved in-house trials as well as tests in a commercial environment where friers reported significantly longer life combined with a high level of frying performance.

Feedback included comments such as “The oil lasts longer and cleaner oil saves on heating costs” and “food tastes absolutely wonderful”.

Andrew Marriott, brand and marketing manager for Frymax, comments: “Our new product adds Frymax quality to the liquid vegetable oil market and offers a longer life than traditional extended rapeseed oils. It adds real value for the quality conscious frier who prefers to use liquid oil “

Kerry Primarolo, technical manager, adds: “Frymax has set the quality standard in solid oils for over fifty years. This standard will be maintained for liquid Frymax by taking the greatest possible care in the selecting and blending of the oils to meet our demanding specifications. Processing will be rigorously controlled at each stage to ensure that every bottle meets the consistently high standards you expect from Frymax.”

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