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Hopkins launches high spec frying range controller

Frying range manufacturer Hopkins has launched a new, sophisticated control panel designed to make frying easier and safer.

The Gen4 V2 controller, developed in conjunction with German company Störk-Tronik, now includes six basket timers which are all independently programmable and can individually operate for 60 minutes. An alarm will sound when the timer has run its course alerting friers that they must remove the product from the pan.

Representing a huge step forward in fire safety is the addition of an automatic pan shut off feature. This disables the burner when no or little oil is in the pan and will not allow it to be reset (no manual override allowed) until such a time that the correct level of oil has been achieved. This groundbreaking technology is only available from Hopkins and is said to significantly reduce the risk of a fire breaking out.

An indicator is fitted as standard to advise when the oil needs changing, although friers can upgrade, if they wish, to include remote monitoring of aspects such as burner performance, oil usage and fuel usage – all of which can be available via a smartphone.

Hopkins has not only added features to the controller, it has also removed some. For example there’s no boost button on the new panel because it simply doesn’t need one. Instead, pioneering technology achieves absolute efficiency between the controller and the high efficiency burner – and the intelligent boost facility instantly reacts to changes in temperature and initiates the boost function automatically when needed. This reduces recovery times and gas consumption.

The Gen4 V2 comes with a two year warranty and can be retro fitted to the current Gen4 frying range, enabling friers to enjoy the benefits of the new technology without having to invest in a brand new range.

Hopkins was the first ever manufacturer to introduce the Computer Aided Frying Range in the early 1980s. Commenting on the new technology, MD Victoria Hopkins, says: “I am proud of our company culture. Our philosophy remains the same as when my grandfather Vince started the company in 1957 and this latest design development is a reflection of our commitment to producing a superb product and providing our customers with a high quality service.

“We have a passion for being at the forefront of technology while preserving the craftsmanship and skills of yesteryear. We have also future-proofed the technology and are already working on many more features that we hope to launch very soon.”

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