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High-powered pot washer

has launched a high-powered pot washer which it claims significantly reduces the need for pre-soaking and scrubbing of burnt-on food and stubborn residues.

Using a mixture of water, plastic granules and detergent, the WD-90GR is designed to clean many items found within a commercial kitchen, in particular large pots, grills, Gastronorm pans and mixing bowls.

Capable of racking four 1/1 containers or eight ½ containers, the unit can also be combined with other cassette options to increase flexibility and capacity for different types of containers, utensils and other heavily soiled loads.

With a minimal footprint of just 1060mm x 900mm x 1950mm (l/w/h) the unit is said to provide the optimum solution for kitchens where space is of premium.

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