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Spicy samosas

Spice up the menu with three new varieties of Halal Samosas from Country Choice – Lamb, Chicken Tikka and Vegetable.

The Lamb Samosa is a spicy mix of minced lamb, potato and spinach encased in a crispy hand-folded pastry parcel. The Chicken Tikka variety combines chicken and potato in a tomato tikka sauce, while the third newcomer, the Halal Vegetable Samosa, is a spicy blend of onion, potato, carrot, cauliflower and spinach.

The 90g samosas can be defrosted and cooked on demand or, alternatively, baked from frozen in 25 minutes. All three come in cases of 30 with a unit price of 85p per samosa and a suggested rrp of £1.50.

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