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New grill saves on bills

A new grill which consumes 52% less gas than conventional models has been launched by Active Food Systems.

Rated at just 11.4kW/h, compared to the 22.2 to 35 kW/h typical of many other grills, the Synergy 900 is reported to save around £200 per month in gas bills.

It works by combining a new energy-saving gas burner system that operates at a very hot temperature with a special ceramic base design to focus heat on the food being cooked. Together these features ensure that the grill heats up quicker, reaching temperature in as little as 10 minutes, and cooks faster and more thoroughly. 

The higher temperature burn has the added advantage of atomising the juices that normally drip out of grilled food, thereby eliminating the need for a fat tray. From an operator point of view, this means not only better quality food, as the juices effectively coat the grilled food enhancing the flavour, but also safer, easier cleaning. What’s more there is no cross flavouring, which means all types of food can be grilled at the same time. 

Manufactured in the UK, the Synergy 900 has a 900 × 640mm cooking surface and two independent gas burners.

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