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Go wild with free Tiger Fries POS

Potato specialist Aviko is offering free point-of-sale material to promote its Tiger Fries to children.

The flyers, posters and tent cards, which can be downloaded from the company’s website, encourage children to sample the healthier option of Aviko’s Sweet Potato fries by mixing the vivid orange-fleshed tubers with the more familiar colour of its premium Skin-On Superlong fries. 

The kit also includes a feline-themed spot-the-difference puzzle to entertain children while they dine.

Sweet Potato Fries are believed to contain twice the fibre of regular spuds and are high in potassium, while their natural sweetness will satisfy youngsters’ taste buds. Aviko’s steam blanching production, meanwhile, is said to help retain taste, crispiness and colour. 

Research from The School Food Trust found that 87% of parents would like to see healthier children’s menus, while 88% of respondents to consumer research conducted by Aviko perceived Sweet Potato Fries to be a healthier menu option, with a further 76% seeing them as an ideal choice for children.

Aviko’s Sweet Potato Fries do not contain any GMOs and are gluten-free.

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