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Lincat fryer still going strong after 25 years

A chip shop owner from Blackburn is celebrating the longevity of his fryer after using the same piece of equipment for a quarter of a century.

Tom Atkinson, owner of Bryan Street Chip Shop, bought the Lincat Silver Link DF33 single fryer when he opened his fish and chip shop back in 1988. Manufactured in the mid 1980s, the fryer was originally priced at £193. Since purchasing it, Tom believes it has helped bring in over £500,000 of business.

In that time, it has been used to provide thousands of portions of regional favourites such as ‘John Bulls’ – savoury mince between two slices of potato, battered and fried – and ‘potato dabs’  – battered deep fried slices of potato – as well as fish.

Praising the quality, reliability and value of the product, Tom said: “We’ve used that fryer five days a week since 1988 and it’s still going strong – I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted another twenty five years.

“The fryer has been used to cook all of our John Bulls and potato dabs, and brought in around half a million pounds to the business, which is a pretty good return!”

Lincat’s marketing director, Nick McDonald, added: “Today, we still build all our catering equipment to the same exacting standards, and ensure that everything is designed to withstand the stresses and strains of regular everyday use. We are so confident in the quality of Lincat equipment that every single product we supply, including lighter duty equipment such as our current Silverlink 600 DF33 fryer, is now supplied with a comprehensive two year onsite parts and labour warranty.

“This story is proof positive that it’s worth investing in a well-designed fryer, from a reputable manufacturer. It can be tempting to save a few pounds by buying a cheaper, unproven brand, but it’s just not worth taking the risk.”