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Low cost cash register takes card payments

Fish and chip shops can take advantage of the growth in card payments thanks to a new low cost, touch-screen cash register with integrated credit card machine from Consolis Payments.

The Consolis X-10 is said to be the first all-in-one device to bridge the gap between cash register units and the sophisticated EPoS technology. What’s more, available to rent for less than £60 per month, it costs less than half that of a standard EPoS system.

As well as giving customers the ability to accept card payments – including payments with smartphones and tablets – the X-10 allows fish and chip shops to benefit from faster payment processing, which results in quicker service, a reduction in errors, and easy end-of-day reconciliation.

The launch of the Consolis X-10 follows recent research from Santander UK which revealed that 39% of UK adults now avoid small businesses that don’t accept payment by card, or require a minimum payment amount. Some 60% of UK adults would be more likely to buy from small businesses if these payment barriers were removed, the survey suggested.

Consolis Payments provides full hardware and software support for the X-10, as well as training for staff.

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