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First Broaster outlet opens in UK


American chicken chain Broaster is hoping to make inroads into the UK market after opening its first store in Liverpool this week.

The Broaster concept involves marinating and breading chicken before being “broasted” in a pressure fryer. This process is said to limit oil absorption and seal in more of the juices and flavour, leading to a healthier meal. The Liverpool store features a number of chicken-based products on the menu including burgers, wraps and nuggets, as well as homemade chips, hotdogs and milkshakes.

Operator and local restaurateur Mo Ahmed describes the new outlet as combining fast food with freshly cooked and healthy ingredients.

The takeaway and dine-in restaurant was opened on Monday by Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson and the Lord Mayor Cllr Gart Millar.

There are over 8,000 locations across the USA where Broaster products are served.