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ETI sheds more light on temperature probe

Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI)
has introduced a new version of its popular Thermapen temperature probe which includes a light sensor, 
making it ideal for evening catering events or where light is poor.

The new Backlit Thermapen has all the features of the SuperFast Thermapen with the added benefit of an intelligent low-light sensor that will automatically illuminate the digital display when ambient light is low. 

Available in red, white and blue, the fine, stainless steel, foldaway probe ensures food is safely cooked through without damaging the look of items. It is said to be light weight, fits comfortably into the palm of the hand and comes with an optional zip up belt pouch to ensure it is always to hand.

The Backlit Thermapen is priced at £56 +VAT and comes with a calibration certificate and a two year guarantee.

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