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A sauce for all seasons

AAK Foodservice
has launched four new sauces, enabling friers to vary their menus quickly and cost-effectively in line with the seasons.

Spicy mayonnaise, which features a kick of chilli, is said to be ideal for spring salads, wraps and kebabs, while Piri Piri Sauce, with its rich blend of spices, adds a touch of warmth to summery chicken dishes and BBQs.

For autumn, there’s a fresh and creamy yoghurt and mint dressing and for winter a Sweet Chilli Sauce for dipping, drizzling or adding to wraps and kebabs.

According to research by Mintel more than three fifths of consumers use bottled sauces to enhance the flavour of food, while almost half (48%) like to try new sauce flavours.

The Season Valley range comprises eight further sauces including burger mustard, garlic mayonnaise and red hot chilli sauce, all which are now available in trays of six 1litre bottles instead of boxes of 10.

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