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Innovative pillow pack for premium presentation

Following an appearance last year on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den and a £50,000 investment from Theo Paphitis, design consultancy P4CK has launched a brand new packaging concept for takeaway fish and chips.

Based on the pillow box design, the cardboard packs offer a modern, premium way to package food while helping friers keep an eye on their portion control and their profits.

Available in three sizes – small, medium and large – the pillow box comes flat packed but quickly pops up to form a sturdy, innovative takeaway box from which customers can enjoy their fish supper.

The packs, which have been developed in conjunction with a fish and chip shop, include a lip around the box and a fold down tab to keep the contents securely inside. Featuring the classic image of newspaper wrap, the boxes combine the traditional essence of fish and chips with high impact graphics and a modern construction.

The packs can be custom printed and friers can also choose to include QR codes to convey key messages, such as where fish or potatoes are sourced from.

Manufactured in the UK, the packs are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and can be stacked once assembled.

Luke Booth, co-founder of P4ck, comments: “This is a premium pack for a premium frier who is proud of their fish and chips. It’s out with the corrugated and in with the new, premium look. Show your produce off to your customers and be proud.”

P4CK has already had great success with its Flexicarry, the only flexible multi-cup carrier which can conveniently and safely carry one, two, three, or four drinks with one hand, and its BevBax, which can carry a combination of snack food and beverages.

For further information, contact P4CK on 07724 160482. Alternatively, click here to request a free sample.

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