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Gram counter freezers now with drawers

has developed its Gastro Counter freezers with optional drawer sets to make storage and service much streamline.

Available in two and three drawer configurations, they feature extra long telescope rails, which means GN pans can be lifted in and out without tilting. The pull-out stops on drawers help prevent spillage and lockable drawer sets are optional.  

The Gram Gastro Counters are stainless steel inside and out, with flat and saladette worktops available. They can be used as an island suite, or alternatively, placed against a wall or under an existing worktop.

The Gram Gastro 1807 Freezer is available with hydrocarbon refrigerants and is also listed on the Energy Technology List. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are more efficient conductors of heat and their operating pressures are lower, meaning less stress is exerted on the cabinet, which in turn increases efficiency.

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