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35% naturally lower sodium salt launched

Swedish salt processing company Salinity is launching Saltwell, a new naturally formed low sodium salt, to the UK food service industry. 

Mined from a vast mineral rich Jurassic sea deep below the Chilean desert, Saltwell contains 35% less sodium in its molecular make up but is said to taste exactly like ordinary salt. 

Whilst current low sodium salts are an artificial blend of potassium and sodium and are inclined to separate and leave a bitter aftertaste, Saltwell has been formed naturally underground and is just sun dried in vast evaporation pools.

Used in exactly the same way and in the same quantities as regular salt, Saltwell has the same grain size and is said to dissolve easily when used in cooking.

Salinity UK managing director, Luke Hodgson, says: “Salinity is the salt category leader in Sweden with over 80 years of experience in supplying and processing salt internationally. 

“With the launch of Saltwell we believe we are answering the foodservice industry’s demands for a clean and completely natural solution to lowering sodium levels. With no compromise in taste across a range of dishes and uses, we are confident that food service development chefs will share our view that Saltwell can assist with the drive to lower sodium content for its customers.”

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