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Coffee brewer promises a better cuppa

The new Bru pour over coffee maker from Marco Beverage Systems has been designed not only to look good, but to produce a standard of coffee quality unrivalled from this type of machine.

Available in two different models, the 1.8 litre jug model and the 2.2 litre insulated flask version, both are manual fill with plumbed options becoming available later in 2013.

Featuring sleek, curved lines and a brushed stainless steel finish, Bru boasts a number of technological advances which have lead to improved water flow, swifter brewing time and tighter control over water temperature stability. A redesigned sprayhead, meanwhile, is said to result in better extraction of solids from the coffee.

Although initially available with 13amp 220/240v electrics, 110v models will be available late in 2013.

The Bru has a list price of £180 for the jug model and £190 for the flask model. Insulated flasks are available separately.

Marco Beverage Systems 01933 666488