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Bio sip-lid is sustainable and secure

Cap-It-All has launched a biodegradable and compostable sip-lid for hot takeaway drinks.

Made from bagasse – a totally natural and sustainable material – the GoodLife bio sip-lid is described as firm and comfortable to drink from and can be used safely even with the hottest drinks. What’s more, by teaming the lid with a compostable cup, fish and chip shops have a 100% biodegradable and compostable hot drink solution to offer their customers.

Because of the flexible sturdiness of bagasse, the bio sip-lid fits tightly on all 90mm diameter 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups and stays on securely even if the cup is tipped over.

Cap-It-All believes the lid will be welcomed by the trade as a realistic biodegradable alternative to plastic, with the cost falling approximately midway between the usual market prices for high impact polystyrene and crystallized PLA lids.

The lid is complemented by a range of bagasse plates, takeaway trays and click-shut burger and dinner boxes.

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