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MCS launches 'Fish of the Month' guide

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has launched 'Fish of the Month', a guide aimed at encouraging friers to increase the sustainability of their seafood choices.

Available on the charity’s website, the guide recommends one species to try per month, based on a fish’s size, age and breeding season. For example, March focuses on mussels, which spawn between April and August, meaning now is the ideal time to enjoy them. April recommends trout, May herring and June pollock.

In addition, each month features a recipe by an industry leading chef.  Rockfish’s Mitch Tonks, for example, cooks up steamed mussels from the Devon coast for March, while Caroline Bennett, owner of the sushi chain Moshi Moshi, chooses dab for September in her Salt & Sansho pepper fish and chips.

“Dab is a wonderfully sweet tasting fish, less muddy tasting than plaice, and beautifully firm textured,” says Caroline.

“Larger dabs are rare, but when you can find one over 400gm or so, regard it as a real treat! This recipe is great for the smaller fish, as it uses the whole fish, bones and all. Dabs aren’t easy to find, as they tend to be small and therefore of low market value, so are in danger of being discarded. Be wary of how your fish was caught – the smaller ones are often caught by beam trawlers, but you can get larger sized static net caught dabs, and these are the ones to go for.”

The guide also provides basic background information to each species, as well as the biology, health properties, how to eat and cook and which type to buy.