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It’s of-fish-al - Hanbury’s awarded MSC certification

Hanbury's of Babbacombe, Devon, has taken the giant leap to MSC certification

David Hanbury has been running his popular fish and chip shop in the Southwest for just over 30 years and has always been a keen supporter of sustainable practices.

With the help of his general manager, Jake Thorn, David decided last year that he would take the passion for quality and sustainable fish one step further and has achieved the Marine Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody standard for seafood traceability.

Jake comments: “We are now able to offer quality MSC haddock and MSC cod, buying from good MSC sustainable suppliers.”

The MSC Chain of Custody means that all Hanbury’s cod and haddock can be traced back to a fishery that meets the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing. What’s more, in both the restaurant and the takeaway, Hanbury’s can now promote its efforts by adding the MSC ecolabel to menus and packaging as well as web pages and marketing materials.

But it’s not just Hanbury’s that carries the MSC certification. To be awarded the Chain of Custody all companies involved in getting the fish from its source to a customer’s plate must be certified, showing a dedicated commitment down the entire length of the supply chain. 

“This issue of supply of key product – fish – should be important to every owner of a fish and chip shop. We’re very much behind it and we’ll be pushing for more fish and chips shops to do the same,” adds David.

“And as well as ensuring the fish that you eat is from a sustainable source, the Chain of Custody also helps to keep illegally caught fish out of the seafood supply chain.”

Although David admits at the moment customers don’t generally ask for MSC certified fish, he believes they are becoming more conscious of the issue and asking where their fish has come from and whether it’s from sustainable stock.

Extremely passionate about the issue, David adds: “It’s really good to know that we’re one of the first fish and chip shops to have supported sustainability really early on, and now we’ve gained MSC certification I’m really looking forward to the interest developing both with the public and with the rest of the fish and chip shop sector."

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