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Hot offer on beef dripping

Wholesaler Morrison’s Foodservices is running a special offer on its Danish Premier Jus.

Until the end of April 2013, customers purchasing 10 cases of the top quality beef dripping at £14.50 will qualify to get one case free. In addition, buy 100 cases and the price per box is just £12.50.

Danish Premier Jus is exclusive to Morrison’s Foodservices and has proved to be an enormous success with fish friers in Scotland since the Glasgow-based company introduced it 30 years ago. 

Business development manager, Mark Morrison, comments: “It is amazing that a product which was introduced by my grandfather, Harry, is still our best selling product today.”

Harry Morrison founded the company in 1966 but, as the business expanded, his customers requested a better quality of frying fat. Utilising the experience he had gained from working in a fat manufacturing plant, he searched Europe for a supplier which could make him a unique product. 

Mark adds: “Harry found the solution to satisfy his customers’ requests when he found a Danish company which could produce a quality fat using only specially selected raw material processed within 24 hours.

“He introduced it to the Scottish market in 1978 and it is an amazing testimony to the product that our customers still believe that it gives the best flavour to their fried food.”

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