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Online system helps friers meet food hygiene regs

A new online resource has been launched to help fish and chip shops create an affordable and easy to use food safety management system. is designed to be straightforward and accessible to all regardless of knowledge, skill level or experience and involves six simple steps. 

First, the user enters details about their business and then, by selecting the relevant food handling processes involved from an on screen menu, the system creates site specific safety charts that identify the risks, hazards and the appropriate monitoring methods.

This in turn generates rules and procedures that are unique to the business and subsequently creates record forms and documents that help to ensure the correct rules and procedures are followed within the business.

Finally, the system sets up a future review date so that any changes to the way the business handles food can be applied and the procedures updated. Once complete the entire system is stored in the user’s own online library for easy access.

The system costs £1 per day for a single site and 28p per day for each additional site. In addition, users get full customer support, access to a wide range of resources and live chat with a food safety specialist.