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Nuttall’s new Eco Burner proves the right choice

As a qualified chef, Husnu Cetin has turned around the fortunes of a number of businesses including a derelict restaurant in Devon and a pub that was facing closure in Oxfordshire. It was while renovating the latter that he decided to add a bed and breakfast and began cooking quality fish and chips.

It wasn’t long after that he spotted a small closed down kebab shop on a high street in Swindon and, with no other shops close by serving quality fish and chips, immediately saw the potential. He called in the builders to start a complete refurbishment of the takeaway, which he named The Trident Fish Bar, and installed a brand new Henry Nuttall 3 pan high efficiency Eco Burner range with built-in filtration.

“I did my research and talked to many range manufacturers,” says Husnu. “With Stuart, I found him to be very genuine and helpful from the beginning. He took me down to Bristol so I could talk to existing Nuttall customers and I was very impressed.”

Husnu was recommended a wall range instead of a counter range to maximise space and make the most of the unusual dimensions. “It was definitely the right decision,” adds Husnu. “It has allowed me more space to be able to add a grill on the end, so I can offer a chargrilled fish option for those that do not want their fish battered.”

With all the fish cooked to order and, with the shop configured the way it is, customers can see everything Husnu does, creating an aspect of theatre and interest while they wait.

“Henry Nuttall also helped immensely with training while the range itself is easy to use and with all temperatures preset, it could not be simpler,” adds Husnu.

Cautious of his energy bills, Husnu takes his own gas readings every week and he’s pleased to report that Nuttall’s high efficiency Eco Burner is already saving him money. “We are open from 11.30am-10pm Monday to Saturday and Sundays 4pm -10pm and my reading is only going up by 10 units per week, which is absolutely amazing,” he concludes.

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