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Tamper-evident seal keeps pots firmly shut

Available through Tri-Star Packaging is a new tamper-evident salad pot range developed by Sabert.

The square, leak-resistant bowls are made from crystal clear PET and feature an innovative lid that cannot be opened without breaking the hinge. This feature offers customers valuable reassurance that their salad hasn’t been tampered with after packing.

The development is just one of a range of on the go solutions from Tri-Star, which includes its Deli Pot Topper, which features two compartments so customers can add the ingredients when ready to eat, and PortaTray, a flat-pack, pop-up drinks carrier that grips cups and bottles to ensure stability even at a 45° tilt. 

Furthermore, Nibble Box, a rPET50 pack, is said to be perfect for holding a vast array of foods, from breakfast fruits and pasta salads to more exotic options like tapas, meze, and tortilla wraps.

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