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Double A Kebab’s February 'buy-3-get-1 free' deal

Double A Kebab is once again giving friers a welcome boost to their New Year sales by offering a ‘buy-3-get-1-free’ deal on its improved Double Gold*.

“It started several years ago when we realised that trading in the early months was tough for shop owners,” says Martyn Hayward, general manager of Double A Kebab.

“Since then, it’s become a tradition that we run a price promotion and we gear up for it every year.”

Double Gold, traditionally a beef kebab, has been revised for 2013 to include New Zealand Lamb along with fresh green jalapeño chillies to give it a great new taste without too much heat. Combined with UK sourced beef and the company’s signature secret blend of spices, the New Double A Gold is a twist on Double A’s top selling Yeeros Taste.

As with all of the Double A range, Gold will slice to the steel without collapsing. This gives the frier a higher yield when compared to most other products, which tend to fail towards the end of the kebab.

The Double Gold buy-3-get-1-free’ promotion will be running from February 11th through to March 11th.

Double A Kebab

* Restrictions may apply. In the case of small mixed orders, the free kebab will be of the smallest size. Whilst we aim to honour this offer, we reserve the right to withdraw it at our discretion.