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ADVERTORIAL: Frying oil with a difference

New Britain Oils is proud to announce the launch of Finest, a high quality, long lasting, non-hydrogenated frying oil specifically designed for deep frying applications

New Britain Finest Frying Oil has been specifically formulated to provide excellent results and exceptional performance under even the most stringent conditions.

Lasting up to three times longer than conventional liquid and extended frying oils, it is ideal for cost-conscious users looking to get the most from their oil.

As Daniel Roberts, sales manager for New Britain Oils, comments: “We have been delighted by the response to Finest. Customers have commented on how much they like using our product and every week we are seeing more and more people making the switch.”

Unlike many other products of this type New Britain Finest is fully sustainable, meaning that it has been produced in a responsible way and not at the expense of tropical rainforests or endangered species.  

Adam Thomas, technical manager at New Britain Oils, says: “We recognise that quality and cost are probably the two most important factors for users. Because we have total control over the supply chain from plantation to packing, we are able to cut out unnecessary middle man costs and handling, keeping our prices low and quality high.”

Supplied in convenient 12.5kg blocks, New Britain Finest Frying Oil is now available through a network of UK distributors.

For more information talk to your distributor or contact Daniel Roberts at New Britain Oils on 0151 922 4875.