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It’s a wrap

With a lot of shops already selling chicken nuggets for kids and the classic fried chicken portion for the adult, offering chicken wraps is just one simple step on and enables shops to capitalise on the growing trend towards smaller, snacking items.
“Using pre-breaded or battered chicken goujons gives the operator the option of doing a range of size snacks,” says Will Robinson of Stone Willy’s. “For those customers with limited budgets, using a 6” tortilla and just one goujon creates a great chicken snack which can offer a 75% plus margin when retailing at just £1.50. We’ve found the most popular seller to be a 12” tortilla wrap with three goujons inside, retailing for about £3.25.”
And one final idea is to just offer a portion of chicken dippers using the goujons for those who don’t want the wrap. “A portion of six retails on average at £3.40 and takes minimal effort to prepare,” adds Will.
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