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Upgrade with McCain's new premium products

Following research which discovered an appetite for operators to be serving new styles of potato, particularly as an ‘upgrade option’, McCain Foodservice has launched two premium products - Menu Signatures Crispers and Sweet Potato Rustics.

With ridged edges and skin left on, the uniquely shaped Crispers are said to offer something different and stand-out, while Sweet Potato Rustics satisfy the latest consumer trend for ‘healthy indulgence’.

Perfect as a meal accompaniment, or a dish in their own right, both products lend themselves to sharing platters, side dishes or loaded with toppings.

To support the launch, McCain Foodservice has written ‘50 ways with’ recipes aimed at helping operators stand out. Dishes include Buffalo Chicken Crispers with BBQ sauce and Spicy My Thai Sweet Potato Wedges 

In the last year alone, McCain Foodservice has seen skin-on sales surge by 65%, whilst reports show a 36% increase in the number of operators that offer sweet potato since 2013.
McCain Foodservice 0800 146 573 www.mccainfoodservice.co.uk


Drain strain

It’s not just fat, oil and grease that block drains, starch and potato peelings are also a major contributor, and with Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs) out to prove it, fish and chip shops are well advised to have a preventative solution in place

A showpiece

Pro Fry had the chance to show off what it was capable of producing when it exhibited at the Fish Frying & Fast Food Show in Coventry earlier this month


David and Nick Miller say hello from Japan as they enter the second phase of their experience frying fish and chips at the country’s biggest department store

Spanish sensation

Fish and chips is at the heart of the £10 million redevelopment of Whitley Bay’s much-loved Spanish City
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