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Health check

Ryan’s has launched a new health insurance product for fish and chip shop owners and their employees

Ryan's, the home of Wrapped Fish and Chip Shop insurance, is pleased to announce details of a new and exciting health insurance product that could benefit fish and chip shop owners and their employees. 

Starting from just £7 a month per employee, Equipsme is aimed at limited UK businesses with two or more employees. It is the brainchild of CEO Matthew Reed and partners Gavin Shay and Andy Santoni, a team with huge pedigree in the insurance industry and a combined insurance industry experience of 75 years. They are backed by AXA PPP Healthcare one of the world's largest insurers.

Ryan’s aims to help small businesses who do not currently have health insurance in place for their employees. With four levels of cover at four pre-set price points (£7, £17, £29 and £37 a month per employee), Ryan’s is making it easy for small business owners to look after their staff with simple, cost effective health insurance cover.

The plan can include people without any medical questions and the price is the same if you are a 16 year old apprentice or a 69 year old director. There is a simple exclusion of medical problems or symptoms which have occurred during the three years before applying. Equipsme also gives the employee the opportunity to upgrade their cover level and/or add family members. 

Ryan’s Jake Mower comments: “Small businesses employ over 16 million people across the UK – that’s 60% of all private sector employment, yet only 5% of them buy health insurance for their employees. It’s simply been out of their reach. Well, we believe that SME’s, no matter their size, should be able to insure their employees without breaking the bank.

“This new range of health insurance from Equipsme is easy to understand and it’s affordable. And with physio, diagnosis and hospital treatment insured by AXA PPP Healthcare, which is one of the world’s largest insurers, fish and chip shop owners can rest assured that their employees will receive the very best help and support when they need it most.” 

For more information about Equipsme Health Insurance or for your personal quotation, talk to Ryan’s today.
Tel: 0800 093 3018
Email: wrapped@ryans.co.uk


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