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Celebration time

Fish and chip shops across the UK are being encouraged to come together on Friday 2nd June to celebrate the nation’s favourite dish

Following the success of the last two years’ events, NEODA is once again championing National Fish & Chip Day for a third year running and aims to make it bigger and better than ever. It is undertaking a huge PR drive again and hopes to get regional and national press, radio and TV coverage while arranging photo opportunities the length and breadth of the country.

But the event needs your support too, so NEODA is calling on chippies across the UK to get involved. Whether it’s decorating your shop, running a promotion or giving away free fish and chips, it will help raise awareness of the day, put our national dish at the forefront of everybody’s minds and, in turn, drive footfall to your shops.

In 2016, #nationalfishandchipday began trending on Twitter and Facebook at 9.30 in the morning and the broadcast and print media coverage achieved helped make the footfall experienced by fish and chip shops one of the highest of the year, with some saying it was even busier than Good Friday. According to analyses of the media coverage, more than 28 million people saw, heard or read about National Fish & Chip Day, so why not get on board and let customers know you’re open for business.

Understandably not everyone wants to give away free product or discount their food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Simply starting up a conversation on social media can spark a flurry of free PR. For example, why not ask customers what their favourite fish is, to share their earliest memory of fish and chips, or if it’s mushy peas, tartare sauce or something entirely different that they like to pair with their fish supper. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #nationalfishandchipday.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any National Fish and Chip Day related activity, register your shop now at www.nationalfishandchipday.org.uk. You’ll also be able to access a toolkit giving you all the information you need to help celebrate the nation’s number one dish. And don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

For ideas on how to maximise this year’s National Fish & Chip Day, follow these top tips from NEODA:

1. Start planning now -
Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about how you are going to get involved. You could run a special offer on the day or hold competitions and giveaways or even introduce a loyalty scheme in advance that culminates on the day.
2. Get your customers involved as early as possible - Ask them for suggestions on how you can celebrate so they feel involved and supportive. Why not buy some blank bunting and encourage customers to add their own design while waiting for their meal? The bunting can then be displayed prior to the big day so customers can see their design.
3. Run a poster competition with your local school - The winning design can be displayed in the run up to National Fish & Chip Day. You could also award the winner a free meal for them and their family - or even treat the whole class - a great opportunity for some pre-event publicity.
4. Talk to your local media now - Find out how they can get involved with promotions, competitions and publicity. Remember, you are giving them added value too as well as excellent exposure for your shop.
5. Talk to other local businesses - Involve other local businesses in the day too by finding suppliers who might be able to help, for example, you might have a t-shirt printers, a balloon supplier, or local drink manufacturers who can get on board too.
6. Get to grips with social media - If you haven’t got a Twitter account, Facebook page or Instagram account set one up now and start building engagement with customers in readiness for the big day. If you are unsure how to set up and run social media streams, there will be guides on the NEODA website, but also ask members of your staff who may be social media savvy to help out - you may even be able to pass over the responsibility to them. For examples of how to run a good shop social media page and Twitter feed, check what others are doing.


National Fish & Chip Day marketing packs are available to purchase from The Q Partnership via the NEODA website and include bunting, posters and a Fishermen’s Mission collection box.


“National Fish and Chip Day has become a very important part of our calendar. It’s a really exciting time for us with a celebratory atmosphere; everybody talking about fish and chips online and with lots of press coverage too. Last year, we even saw our sales beat those of Good Friday, with our shop full of people who were keen to celebrate our national dish!”
Lesley Graves, Burton Road Chippy, Lincoln

“We will be decorating the shops inside and out with Union Jack-style with bunting. The staff will be wearing hats along with handing out National Fish and Chip Day stickers to all restaurant customers, plus all the takeaway boxes will have the stickers placed on them in advance. This will happen all week, but more emphasis will be on the Friday. We will have posters in our A-boards for outside both shops, along with red, white and blue balloons outside and inside to hand out to children.
“We will also be giving out samples of fish and chips on Friday and will have our local radio station involved in this too.
“We had the busiest week on record last year across both locations, restaurants and takeaways, beating Easter and the August Bank Holiday! It was a fantastic week for us.”
Katie Davison, Bizzie Lizzie’s, North Yorkshire

“Last year, the Shap Chippy Frying Squad donated their tips from the restaurant on National Fish and Chip Day to The Fishermen’s Mission and we matched the tips - raising a total of £100.”
Georgina Perkins, Shap Chippy, Penrith, Cumbria


Join the celebrations

Fish and chip lovers from across the UK will come together to celebrate the nation’s favourite dish on Friday 1st June 2018, so get out your bunting, put up a poster and get involved

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